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2022 update
For the latest resources from the HHP, including online short courses, go to our website and subscribe to our newsletter.

HHP resources are now organized by user type

I. Students and prospective practitioners. For students and prospective practitioners (and everyone new to the HHP's work), start with the First Steps resource set and join the email list. Once you've perused this, you'll see information for "next steps".

II. For LAc clinicians new to hospital and healthcare system-based practice, go to The New Hospital Employee (0-5+ years) set of resources and join the email list. For those of you who are not "new", don't be put off by the title

This resource is the starting place for both clinicians and program leads/managers. 

  • LAcs just getting hired into a system
  • All hospital and healthcare system LAcs
    • The New Hospital Employee online resource is most useful at years 0-5+, but is also useful for review and deep-dives into topic-related content for all levels of experience.
  • Program leads and program managers
III. For program leads and program managers. Contact the HHP via the website contact page about current resources. Also recommended to join the email list and peruse past newsletters to get an idea of our past work. See our events page for past and upcoming events.

HHP resources include (see website and email newsletter for latest updates, this list is not complete)

As of January 22nd, 2022, the Hospital Handbook Project™ is a program of Free Range Health®, a 501(c)(3) public charity. If you are interested in making a donation to support this community resource work, go to our Sponsorship & Support page on our website.

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