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last updated:  1.31.2019

This is a quick list of all the "Lunchtime Listen" Recommendations to date.

What are Lunchtime Listens? 
Lunchtime listens are recorded podcasts, webinars, or other audiovisual presentation relevant to integrative medicine/integrative health providers in hospital-based practice and their hospital sponsors.   The time is noted, with a goal of recommendations being 60 minutes or less to fit into a lunch break or other break in the day.

These recommendations are a part of the Hospital-Practice Handbook Project's goal of creating connections and wisdom-sharing.  If you, your business, or your company are interested in sponsoring this work or a specific project, such as the Webinar Series, please contact me via the website or the Facebook page.  Thank you!

Instead of existing in silos, the Hospital Handbook Project endeavors to create connections, community, and share wisdom.

The Hospital Handbook YouTube Playlist of Lunchtime Listens
This is a playlist of all the YouTube-compatible audiovisual presentations.  Please go to the specific blogpost for those recommendations that are not YouTube-compatible.

For Leaders of Integrative Healthcare Programs

Building Community Wellness and Self-Care, a basic EAM and Integrative Health Model Concept
Applying lessons learned from the "Blue Zones" and Dan Buettner's team, Practicing Philanthropy for your health and your community
related YouTube videos:  

Hospital-based Acupuncture Stories
Promoting hospital-practice stories with documentary episodes, Acupuncture Now Foundation

Acupuncture Research
General Research Topics related to Integrative Health Research

  • National Health Council series on the FDA Roadmap
    • This video series reviews the difference between (and the overlap of) patient-reported outcomes and patient-centered outcomes.  A recommended listen of the "basics" of this type of research and terminology if you are creating metrics for an integrative health program.  
    • The video series is not specific to integrative health, but all the principles of patient-reported outcome measures and patient-centered work is directly related to this work.  Also useful to review before applying for federal grants in the field or PCORI grants.
  • Massage Therapy Foundation videos
  • The NCCIH YouTube channel, from resource list in this post (bottom of the post)
  • National Academy of Medicine (NAM) 2018 “Non-Pharm Pain” Conference

Clinician Resilience and Quadruple Aim

General Leadership for Change-Agents
Margaret Heffernan's work:
  • See how small shifts and changes in behavior lay fertile ground for cultural change in the workplace in Margaret Heffernan's Beyond Measure, the big impact of small changes, a 2015 TED book.
  • The Lunchtime Listen TED Talk, Margaret's "Forget the Pecking Order at Work" talk:
    • It's not star performers who move a company forward; it's great teams build on social cohesion
    • " is social cohesion--built every coffee break, every time one team member asks another for help--that leads over time to great results."
  • Margaret Heffernan talk, Dare to Disagree
    • The story of Alice Stewart, a physician-scientist and the statistician colleague, George Kneale, she teamed up with to help her grow and make her work better.  George's job was to prove Dr. Stewart wrong.  Because when he could not prove her ideas wrong, he could give Alice the confidence she needed to know she was right.  "It's a fantastic model of collaboration--thinking partners who aren't echo chambers.  I wonder how many of us have, or dare to have, such collaborators.  Alice and George were very good at conflict.  They saw it as thinking."...constructive conflict.
  • TED WorkLife with Adam Grant, a podcast series featuring innovate work places and what they do well. 
    • "explore the ideas we can all use to make work more meaningful and creative"
More resources in the Reflecting on Leadership post.

These recommendations are a part of the Hospital-Practice Handbook Project's goal of creating connections and wisdom-sharing.  

If you, your business, or your company are interested in sponsoring this work or a specific project, such as the Webinar Series, please contact me via the website or the Facebook page.  Thank you!

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