Friday, May 25, 2018

My Current Favorite Health-Related Audio or Audio-Visual Resources

Wondering where I come up ideas for the Lunchtime Listens?  Well, they come from a variety of sources that I read or listen to, or newsletters I subscribe to.

For a list of the Lunchtime Listen recommendations to date:  go to the Lunchtime Listen page.

If you are looking for recommendations such as podcasts on health-related topics, these are my current favorites:

ReachMD:   --you can subscribe for free and some shows are designated for continuing education credit

Samueli Institute's On Human Flourishing--this podcast has sunsetted, but the back episodes are full of good interviews

Duke University's Integrative Medicine Leadership Program--they have put out some good webinars on topics that get more in-depth coverage in their curriculum.  Several of these webinars have made it to our Lunchtime Listen list.

Healthy Seminars, founded by Lorne Brown for CEU/PDA courses in the field of functional medicine, integrative medicine, and East Asian Medicine (and the overlap).  Online courses and in-person CEU events and the occasional free webinar. This was formerly called Pro-d Seminars.

TED Radio Hour--they have some episodes that are health-related.  Provides perspective

Oprah's SuperSoul Sunday podcast--the focus is on interviews with people who have written a book and experienced or led a major spiritual or health & spiritual shift.  Only a few are healthcare professionals like Deepak Chopra.  Pick the ones that draw you in.

What are your favorite health-related resources for listening to?  
(podcasts, webinars, audiobooks, etc.)
Please let me know in the comments!

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