Gift Ideas

Need inspiration for your holiday gifts or new year's resolution(s)?
Here are our recommendations, sorted by category.  [list and links updated 12.01.2018]

Theo Drinking Chocolate (hot chocolate) 
Seattle Chocolate Deluxe gift pack (Theo + Franz + …)

Outdoor Fun
Nature, the Outdoors, and Your Health:  my current reading and audiobook listening list

East Asian Medicine
The following are gift ideas for the EAM practitioner (acupuncturist)
For now, this is just a short list.
Kids and Nutrition 
Interested in learning more about nutrition for health and wellness for you and your family? 
I recommend starting with these books and consulting with your health care provider.

Currently, our favorite family cookbooks:

Cookware ideas

If you follow the Amazon affiliate links and buy from Amazon within a few hours, a few pennies will go toward the Hospital-practice Handbook Project
The best and most direct way to support the Project is through the "support the project" page on our website.
Thank you for supporting this Project and its community!!  --Megan

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