Wednesday, October 26, 2022

Safety Practices for LAcs: The Autumn 2022 Presentations from the HHP's Safety Practices Workgroup (Sept, Oct, Nov.)

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Safety Practices for LAcs, a new set of resources from the HHP

Updates on this past year’s progress with the HHP’s Safety in Practice Workgroup

For the latest information on this workgroup and its work, from presentations to publications, go to these pages on the HHP's website:

Safety Practices for LAcs, an article getting updated with event info Sept - Nov 2022.

September public presentation, the event page.

October public presentation at the IM4US 2022 conference, "Speaking the Language of Safety in HROs for LAcs." The presentation landing page.

November 12th, 2022, "Introduction to Safety Practices for LAcs in Healthcare System Practice. For Acupuncturist clinicians, safety leads, and program managers." public presentation, the event page.

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