Monday, March 21, 2022

Making the Connection between Recognizing Women-led Organizations and the HHP's Community Resource Work

 March 21st, 2022: March is Women’s History Month—sharing how the HHP’s work is connected to this national observation


I write the following, encouraged by a colleague to share my nonprofit community resource work that I created and continue to direct, as a volunteer, in honor of the focus on women-created or directed resources this month.

I created The Hospital Practice Handbook (HHP) for Acupuncturists and Their Hospital Sponsors 5+ years ago to fill the need for a community resource for hospital & healthcare system-based acupuncturists & their program managers.

The HHP is a community-centered professional networking resource that endeavors to help services from these professionals be more available to patients in federal and civilian systems. 

Inpatient acupuncture services are a non-drug way to improve sleep, decrease pain & anxiety, alleviate some side effects of conventional treatment, and reduce the complexity of med profiles. This is especially prominent at Children's hospitals. Research has shown that patient use of inpatient acupuncture services decreases the overall patient length of stay and decreases frequent readmission rates. (So it saves the healthcare system money while improving patient outcomes when you take a long-term view.)

Outpatient & ambulatory acupuncture services are a great addition to many healthcare teams, including behavioral health, functional rehabilitation, oncology, pediatrics, primary care, and even (wonderfully) mother-baby in perinatal and postpartum care.

At the HHP, we are a professional development community that shares & discusses best practices in program standards and employment practices. Both are key aspects to helping maintain, grow, and even initiate programs in these healthcare settings.

Source: This 3/21/2022 HHP newsletter.

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Interested in the "cost savings" research mentioned in the quote above?
Citations of "cost savings" research and feasibility studies are included in our published document available through the HHP website here.

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