Saturday, October 31, 2020

Self-care and Breathing Practice Resources for Fellow Clinicians

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Peace & time to breathe/pause to all of my essential worker colleagues and those who are also making space for positive change in their workplace or community. 🦋

"To mindfully pause is to interrupt your automatic reactions to life’s events and the stories that flow from those reactions. Pausing allows your mind to take a break, so you can be with life as it is vs. how you’d like life to be. Pausing is also part of a larger cycle of work and renewal, a rhythmic flow of life. Pausing’s not merely a good idea. It’s a required nutrient like air or water." 
Source: article from Mindful Leader 


Breathing Practice Resources

If you need a quick breathing break, there is a short breathing practice and 30-60 second videos on our YouTube playlist, like this one:

Autumn at Lake Crescent, Olympic National Park 

Or, Quiet evening on the Sound 

See more videos with a short guide to a basic breathing practice at The HHP's Breathing Practice playlist. Videos by Megan Kingsley Gale.

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