Monday, May 18, 2020

A Review of the Hospital Practice Handbook Project's Community Discussions on Pandemic Prep & Response

keywords and topics: community discussions, COVID-19 pandemic, integrative health programs, acupuncturists in hospital-based practice, telehealth in hospital-based acupuncture programs, what does tiered re-opening look like for outpatient integrative health programs?

The HHP-hosted Community Discussions on Pandemic Prep & Response, a review of the work & resources so far

This video is a review of my past 3 months of work supporting the hospital-based acupuncture community with community discussion space to share ideas, concerns, and issues on the pandemic prep & response.

Included in this video:
·        How you can support this community-building work 
·        How to access the resource content created
·        How you can join in future discussions
·        Review of the work so far
·        Short review of resources for the two currently most common topics
o   telehealth and
o   what does tiered re-opening look like?
·        Announcing the future telehealth roundtable panel:
o   how to participate, submit questions, and space for sponsorships

What is "hospital-based practice"?
I define this as working at a facility or organization that is accredited by or eligible for accreditation by The Joint Commission. This includes FQHCs, some county clinics and hospitals, and hospice.

The Hospital Practice Handbook Project has multiple platforms (website, blog, and social media page & closed discussion groups) to connect hospital practice East Asian Medicine Practitioners (Acupuncturists) with each other (living resources) and to published resources. Learn more about this community resource project at

How to participate in the virtual community discussions
  1. First, you must be a hospital-based acupuncturist or a program manager of hospital-based acupuncturists.
    • see definition above for "what is "hospital-based practice"
  2. Then, contact me via the website about your interest, where you work, and how you heard about this work.

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

  • This work sounds valuable, how can I support it? I am not a hospital-based acupuncturist.
  • I am interested in this content as a clinician. However, I am not a hospital-based acupuncturist. How can I support this work and get access to the content?
  • I am a philanthropist or I work with a philanthropic organization or school. I am interested in this work. How may I learn more about it? 
  • I am a hospital-based acupuncturist or program manager of hospital-based acupuncturists. I am not able to attend all the sessions due to my schedule. How may I access the content?

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