About: What is the Hospital Handbook Project?

Why this Project?  

The Hospital Handbook is more than just a blog. 
Most important is the community the work around this project creates.  The creation and sustainment of this community of hospital-practice Acupuncturists is essential to the following things the Handbook project aims to support:
1.  Create a Community
2.  Create a source of information.  Get this information to those who need it.
3.  Discuss standards of profession and professional practice, particularly as it pertains to Licensed Acupuncturists working in the hospital/medical center setting.

I.  Create a Community. 
Develop a community of hospital practice Licensed Acupuncturists. 
  • Share our wisdom.
  • Help each other avoid "re-inventing the wheel" each time a new clinic is set up or an Acupuncturist is hired at a center for the first time or for each L.Ac. starting hospital practice.  This community is also useful for each current hospital-practice L.Ac. who might be venturing into different patient population or type of clinic.
  • Encourage each other.
  • Increase and improve our knowledge and practice standards together.

II.  Create a source of information.  Get this information to those who need it.
Audience is:
  • Hospital practice L.Ac.s
  • The hospital administration that supports those L.Ac.s, in particular the Hospital Sponsor.
  • This blog
  • Future book(s), based on concepts this blog aims to cover and connection to relevant written materials vetted by the community.

III.  Discuss standards of profession and professional practice
Create a forum for discussing those standards of good practice to develop our professional standards as a whole and enhance our own practice.

Interested in why I founded this Project?  Hear my story in Why This Project?

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This is not a 501c nonprofit organization, so contributions are not tax-deductible.

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