Hospital-practice Handbook electronic publications (other than the blogs and website)

Scientific journal publications
  • Taylor-Swanson L, Stone J, Gale M, Gaitaud A, Huson C, McPherson F, Martens J, Godwin J, and Yule M:  Systematic Review of Acupuncture for Low Back Pain: Efficacy and Clinically-Meaningful Change.  Meridians: JAOM, 2018 5(3): 18-24, 38-39.
  • Taylor-Swanson L and Gale M:  Making the Case for Workers' Compensation:  Acupuncture for Low Back Pain. Meridians: JAOM, 2018 5(3): 16-17.
  • Both of these articles are available as "public access" on the Meridians JAOM website.

On "licensed independent practitioner" state license status--how it affects technician vs. professional status as an employee and thus the hospital credentialing process and creation of position descriptions

Magazine articles

Online National Toolkit Publications --links updated May 2019
From 2015-2016 I was a member of NCCAOM's Hospital-based Practice Task Force.  From these discussions, the committee created documents that are published on NCCAOM's website.  These are available for free to NCCAOM® Diplomates and for a low cost to non-Diplomates through the website.
Note: these documents are now outdated due to the publication of two major professional milestones related to hospital credentialing
(1) The publication of the BLS occupation code for acupuncturists in 2018 and 
(2) the VA Handbook Staffing Code publication of Acupuncturist as a unique and recognized healthcare professional. Please see the related blogposts for more information.

Hospital Credentialing Toolkits for Acupuncturists and their Hospital Sponsors (2016)

For related information about Meridians and its resources on scientific writing in the field of East Asian Medicine, see these links:
Meridians:  Journal of Acupuncture and Oriental Medicine
Things to consider when publishing in scientific journals

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