Monday, October 26, 2020

QA/QI Resource: New IHI Report, "Safer Together: A National Action Plan to Advance Patient Safety"

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topics: QA/QI and workplace safety and patient safety, the latest standards on patient and workplace safety from the Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI)

Why is this important or what is the practical application of this?

  • This is a useful resource for those of you who are updating your quality improvement (QI) processes or serve on quality assurance committees
  • This is useful for those of you who work as program leads or program managers
  • This sets a standard for patient safety and workplace safety in the healthcare setting


What is this, specifically? What is the reference or resource?

This is an announcement about a new Institute for Healthcare Improvement (IHI) report, Safer Together: A National Action Plan to Advance Patient Safety

This report, “provides clear direction that health care leaders, delivery organizations, and associations can use to make significant advances toward safer care and reduced harm across the continuum of care.”

“The report harnesses the knowledge and insights of the National Steering Committee for Patient Safety (NSC) members, including influential federal agencies, leading health care organizations, patient and family advisors, and respected industry experts, into a set of actionable and effective recommendations to advance patient safety.”

“The National Action Plan centers on four foundational and interdependent areas, prioritized as essential to create total systems safety. The recommendations in these four areas build on the substantial body of experience, evidence, and lessons learned that the NSC has gathered and will test and implement together to allow for future refinements as our understanding, experience, and evidence evolve over time.”

The National Action Plan has a list of 17 recommendations “to advance patient safety”. These recommendations fall into the following sub-categories:

  1. Culture, leadership, and governance
  2. Patient and family engagement
  3. Workforce safety
  4. Learning system

Read this report and its supporting materials on this IHI webpage.


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