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The Integrative Medicine Researcher
updated 12.15.2018

  1. Are you researcher interested in designing studies in the field of integrative health/integrative medicine?
  2. Are you an integrative health (IH) program director, designated IH "champion" for your department or facility, or the program lead?
  3. Are you a integrative health clinician looking to design your clinical metrics?
  4. Or, are you a graduate student looking to understanding more about research in the field?

Each of the above 4 have slightly different resource needs.

  • First, no matter which of the 4 you identify as, I recommend you sign up for the email list to have access to our basic resources and be notified of updates in our resources as they are created.  
  • Second, if you are not finding what you need through the following resource links, please contact me via the website contact page.  Some resources are still in development.  And, I would like feedback if our resources need some updates or improvements.  Thank you.  

In the spirit of the "gift ideas" and resource recommendations, here is a list of items available through Amazon.  When you follow the Amazon affiliate links on this page and purchase an item within a few hours, a few pennies goes toward the Hospital Handbook Project.  However, several of these resources are not available from Amazon, so we drafted a resource pdf of bibliographies, etc.  If you are interested in that pdf, please contact me through the contact page on the website.

(1) The Researcher interested in Designing Studies in the Integrative Health Field
Books available through Amazon—just follow these links:
(2) The Integrative Health Program Director or Program Champion

  • We have a growing resource list.  The basics are in this post.
  • When you are ready to dive deeper and into more specifics for a specialty or program or research and pilot studies in that specific field, please contact us via the website for the "Researcher's Resource List" and other specifics you are interested in, such as published citations of work.
  • We recently (2018) started an interview series, to be identified with the keyword tag "interview series".  The first published interview is with Dr. John Burns of Aurora Health system of Wisconsin and their Emergency Department program.  If you, your program, or facility would like to sponsor or co-sponsor this series or similar work, contact me via the website.
(3) The Integrative Health Clinician interested in clinical metrics

  • Courses:  we are creating short courses on basics of using metrics in clinical practice, based on feedback from the community
  • Follow these tags/keywords in the blog and the website: 
    • metrics, research literacy, study design, grants and funding, interview series, webinar series
  • and look at suggestions in #4 below.

(4) The Graduate Student Looking to Understand more about Research in the Field 

What is the Researcher's Resource List?

  • This is a pdf compilation of citations of recommend resources for the beginning or established researcher interested in the field of integrative health and particularly acupuncture.  The list has been compiled with feedback from the Hospital practice Handbook Project community.  It contains favorite reads and resources on clinical research design, published research and pilot studies, and common research field issue discussions.  If you are interested in this pdf, send me a specific message through the contact page of the website.

Thank you for supporting this work!  You can support this work directly through the website from buying me a cup of coffee while I draft resources, supporting operating costs for a day, or sponsoring a newsletter.  Thank you.

You can follow us by subscribing to this blog, joining the email newsletter list, and following our Facebook page.

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