Thursday, May 31, 2018

Research Summary Reviews for the Community, the Outline

keywords:  research literacy, sharing wisdom, community volunteer project, hospital-based practice, integrative health, integrative medicine
Have you come across published research related to hospital-based practice and East Asian Medicine that you would love to share with the community?

So far, we have found the most useful way to share this information is to write a guest blogpost, using the outline below.

This is a great volunteer opportunity for
  • practitioners in the hospital-based practice field who want to contribute to building this community resource and highlight their favorite work (it is okay, and even encouraged, to highlight your own clinic's or facility's work)
  • doctoral students in the field who want to continue practicing their research literacy skills
  • master's students in the field who want to hone their research literacy skills--please check in with the project leader to approve your article choice before launching into a review.
  • practitioners in private practice who want to dust off their research literacy skills and connect to the community
Please contact Megan via the website contact page or the Facebook public page with the note "would like to volunteer to write a research review guest post" if you are interested.

Why this format?
These summaries seem to be the most compatible way to share research in our field on a format everyone can reach (not just Facebook) to a group that is very busy and could use summaries to peruse before diving in head-first to read the whole article plus have access to a way to do some basic audiovisual review of concepts assumed in the research paper--usually biomedical or pharmacology concepts, but can also be specific TCM or physical medicine (fascia research) or psych/mind-body concepts.

Here is the current outline for writing a research summary guest post to share with the community:
  1. Key words (research review, type of study, specific related keywords)
  2. Acronyms used
  3. Introduction (introduce subject, its relevance to the hospital practice audience, relevance to the EAMP in private practice)
  4. Journal citation (use APA or AMA format)
  5. Link to article or article abstract
  6. Type of research (see the research pyramid for reference.  common categories are:  literature review/synopsis, systematic lit review, RCT, comparative effectiveness trial, case study, cohort study, and expert opinion)
  7. Category of research (mechanisms of action, comparing clinical treatment options for a condition, pilot study, etc)
  8. Succinct summary of information in the article
  9. Author's interpretation (what is your take on the article?  how is it relevant to you, your work, hospital practice, or other L.Ac.s/colleagues?)
  10. Audiovisual references to review basics (links to audiovisual references to explain basic concepts presented in the paper; YouTube links are preferred for their compatibility, and Vimeo and Slideshare are usually compatible, too.)
  11. Author bio (name, a little about where you practice or study, and contact info or website)

Examples of this on the blog so far:

Related References and Resources
Please contact Megan via the website contact page or the Facebook public page with the note "would like to volunteer to write a research review guest post" if you are interested.

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