Saturday, July 8, 2017

Recruiting Research Review Volunteers

Wanted:  Volunteers to write reviews of research articles related to the work of hospital-practice Integrative Medicine, East Asian Medicine (Acupuncturist) practitioners.

I want to start a new community and wisdom-sharing feature on this blog, with focus on research-literacy.  My hope is that it will be a useful way for the community to share quick reviews of their favorite research articles related to their work.

How can this be done:  I need 4+ volunteers to write a review of one research article a month.

Goal:  highlight up to 1 research article/week.  

What it is:  volunteers write a review of a research article, following outlined criteria.  Review to be posted on the this blog.  Reviewer may use actual name or pen name.  

Criteria for review (basics of what reviewer must have in each review):
·         Where was the article published?  (name of journal, etc.)
·         List the following:  title, author, link to article
·         What type of research was it?  Literature review/synopsis, randomized control trial (RCT), comparative effectiveness trial (CER), case study, cohort study, expert opinion, etc.  Please see the Research Pyramid for reference.
·         Provide a quick/succinct summary of the information.
·         What is your take (reviewer’s) on the article?  i.e. how is it relevant to you, your work, hospital practice, or other L.Ac.s/colleagues 
·         Resources that may be useful if an article you choose is challenging: 
o   The Evidenced-Based Research Pyramid Guide:
o   Resources on Research in our field: 

If you are interested, contact me by email or website or message me through our public Facebook page 

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