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Basics of Being an Employee in a Healthcare System: Focus on Performance Management, a Wisdom-Share Series with Sondra Abanto, MBA

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Wisdom-Share Interview Series with Sondra Abanto, MBA

updated July 2019
This interview series is coming to you from the corner of Courage and Commitment.  After 5 years of military PCS moves, our (Sondra and Megan's) worlds are overlapping again.  So, let's take advantage of it!

This is a relaxed interview series where Megan interviews Sondra about the basics of what to expect when you are an employee in a medium to large organization, with emphasis on health care organizations and asides about working as an integrative health care clinician within the system.  We talk about what to expect in an ideal situation from parameters to resources.

This is a series of interviews we (Megan and Sondra) recorded in winter and spring 2019 where Sondra covers the following topics related to performance management:

  1. employee orientation process basics (onboarding)
  2. performance plans
  3. mentorship
  4. team communication
  5. career path mapping

This series is intended for the acupuncturist or related integrative health care professional working (or interested in working) in hospital-based practice in the U.S., whether the civilian sector or the federal sector of employment.  However, we go over basics that apply to any health care professional employee in the system.

Sondra Abanto, MBA, has significant experience in both civilian and federal sectors on program and performance management (metrics) who has also trained as an MSA (acupuncture) student.

As of summer 2019, the sessions have finished recording and will be going to the video editor. If you are interested in this interview series, sign up on the landing page email list and you'll be notified when the recordings and related materials are published. Go here to sign up.

We are still looking for sponsors for this series, if you or your organization is interested in sponsoring this series (partially or fully), please let us know via the website contact page very soon as the finished videos will start going to the video editor in summer 2019.

Sponsorship would help with the following:  creating recordings, editing recordings, creating transcripts, creating pdfs related to each session.

You can also provide feedback on the series and what you would like to see more of at the website contact page.

I am looking forward to hearing from you!
Megan Kingsley Gale, MSAOM

Founder and Facilitator of The Hospital practice Handbook Project for Acupuncturists and their Hospital Sponsors

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