Saturday, July 27, 2019

Lunchtime Listen Recommendation: The VA Whole Health Program

keywords: Veterans' Health Administration (VHA), U.S. Department of Veterans' Affairs (VA), acupuncturists, the new "whole health" program

The VA Staffing Position for Acupuncturists
Acupuncturists are being hired as a unique staffing position into the U.S. VHA system as part of their whole health programs.  See the "VA Staffing Code" blogpost for more information.

What is the Whole Health program at the VA?
I recommend watching this presentation of Dr. Tracy Gaudet's work with this field-forwarding initiative to learn more. Dr. Gaudet's lecture here is the NIH's Stephen E. Strauss Distinguished Lecture, given November 29th, 2018, "Transforming Veteran's Health Care: The Whole Health System". 

The Academic Collaborative of Integrative Health hosted a webinar series that included a presentation (6.13.2019) on the VA's Whole Health model, "VA's Whole Health System: What can be learned and applied to your practice?" by Kavitha Reddy, MD, and Lauri Phillips, RDN, LD. More information, including how to download slides can be found at the ACIH landing page for this presentation.

For more about the Lunchtime Listen Recommendations series, learn more at this webpage and check out the related YouTube playlist.

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