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Credentialing and Privileging part 8: Joint Commission references

Joint Commission References on Credentialing and Privileging
original post 2015.11.12, revised 2016.08.29

Keywords:  credentialing, privileging, Joint Commission, licensed independent provider (LIP)

Joint Commission standards on independent providers, credentialing, and privileging:
The Joint Commission (TJC) is the authority on credentialing and privileging guidelines for all U.S. hospital and healthcare systems:   
“An ‘LIP’ is a licensed independent practitioner, defined as an individual, as permitted by law and regulation, and also by the organization, to provide care and services without direction or supervision within the scope of the individual’s license and consistent with the privileges granted by the organization” [TJC’s The Who, What, When, and Where’s of Credentialing and Privileging]

The Joint Commission's Guideline:  Who/What/When/Where of Credentialing 
**great resource**
This resource quoted above, its full title is The Joint Commission Ambulatory Care Program:  The Who, What, When, and Where's of Credentialing and Privileging.  It reviews the basic guidelines for credentialing and privileging health care providers.

Credentialing and Privileging, implementing a process.  Joint Commission blogpost March 12th, 2012, Virginia McCollum, "Credentialing and Privileging-Implementing a process", Ambulatory Buzz.  This blogpost outlines the basics for understanding the credentialing process for an LIP from a TJC leader's perspective.

"Getting to the Heart of Credentialing and Privileging", an April 23rd, 2014, Ambulatory Buzz blogpost written by TJC ambulatory surveyors, Susan Herrold, MN, RN and Mary Pat Hall, MSN, RN, sharing their viewpoint and advice on the process.

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