Monday, June 11, 2018

Resource: Project ECHO

keywords: resources, primary care, specialty care, hospital-based practice sharing wisdom with rural practice providers, connecting teaching hospitals to small practices and solo practices

Project ECHO™, I love the idea behind it, how it goes beyond the basic telehealth consult, and enjoyed my time participating in it.

I mentioned Project ECHO™ in the resource section of the May post on Shadow Physicians.

When I participated as part of a "hub", I felt the innovators of Project ECHO™ truly believed in the value each discipline in the allied health provider fields brought to the table as important and essential, not auxillary, pieces to the whole-person health equation for the patient and the primary care provider.

If you work in primary care, I highly recommend connecting to an ECHO™.
If you work at a larger health center and could be a "hub", I highly recommend you connect to an ECHO™.  The program benefits the hub and the spokes.

Interested in the Hospital-practice Handbook Project?

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