Thursday, September 10, 2015

Prescribing in the Hospital setting: Pharmaceuticals, med review, Neutraceuticals, Self-Care

keywords:  hospital practice, prescribing, medical review, SOAP notes, CHM, self-care, practice standards, documentation standards


Pharmaceuticals.  L.Ac.s do not prescribe or advise on pharmaceutical medications.  However, an L.Ac. must know what medications a patient is taking because it affects the larger TCM diagnostic picture.  Example:  symptoms of fatigue as side effect of medication 

Medication Review.  Medication review must be done at first visit.  Recommend updating this review when patient reports a new med added or removed.  Recommend updating the med review during TCM re-evaluations.

Neutraceuticals and Chinese Herbal Medicine L.Ac.s can prescribe Chinese Herbal Medicine (CHM) when they have

a.  the required training and NCCAOM board certification status (see point #2 on CHM practice in hospitals)

b.  it is in their scope of practice at the hospital.  Can be an add-on to credentialing paperwork.

c.  see related section on CHM practice in hospitals for more details

d.  see related state license for “neutraceuticals”

Self-care.  L.Ac.s can prescribe self-care/home care to patients that may include but is not limited to:  acupressure, tai chi, qi gong, meditation, breathing exercises, TCM nutrition recommendations, reflexology homework, self-care massage, hot/cold therapy, orthotic devices, movement therapy  . . .

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