Friday, September 14, 2018

Building the Hospital-practice Learning Opportunities Directory, "Find Your Trail Guides"

Help us build a new directory of hospital-based learning opportunities!

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Get your hospital-based resource listed in a new 
Hospital-practice Handbook Project directory!
Find Your Trail Guides:  The Hospital-practice Learning Opportunities Directory

This was announced in the August 2018 HH Project newsletter.

I often receive inquiries about how to start in hospital practice

Background for Directory idea
In June, after I finished posting the last of the How to Get Your Foot in the Door of Hospital Practice blogpost series, I surveyed the hospital practice group and learned we do not yet have a published directory of practitioners and/or programs that offer direct ways of finding trail guides or maps (i.e. mentorships, internships, shadow opportunities, or courses/programs) for EAMPs/L.Acs. interested in hospital practice OR interested in a new area of hospital practice. 

From all the feedback on the directory plus the feedback from publishing the blogpost series, it sounds like the directory will be a useful resource for you all and the larger hospital-practice EAMP/L.Ac. community.  The directory also ties in with future Hospital Handbook Projects, including the two interview series, Paths to Practice and Issues in Hospital Practice Webinar Series

In response, I create an online survey form to collect information.  Please share the survey link with colleagues or your hospital admin (hospital sponsor).  I know everyone is busy! 

Let's see if we can get a least 10 response by October 1st, 2018, so I can have a goal of getting it up as a pdf on the website soon after.

Review:  The What and Why of the Survey
We are gathering information via an online survey to create a pdf directory that can be accessed via the Hospital Handbook (HH) Project website, the Find Your Trail Guides:  A Hospital-practice Learning and Mentorship Opportunities Directory.

Please follow the survey link and share it with hospital-based colleagues and your hospital admin.

What opportunities qualify for the survey/directory?
Any hospital-based practice learning opportunity, to include, but not limited to:
The Learning Resource Survey for
the new Directory

  • internships
  • shadow opportunities
  • mentorship opportunities
  • preceptorships
  • fellowships
  • courses related to hospital-based practice

Goal:  have at least 10 completed survey forms before October 1st, 2018, so we can publish the first edition of the directory soon after.

Fill out the survey today!

Thank you.

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