Wednesday, May 17, 2017

The Webinar Series Project

In our 2017 fundraising campaign, we are raising funds to get the Webinar Series project started.

The webinar series is a formal way to share our community wisdom.

The webinar series supports the Project Mission by

  • sharing community wisdom
  • discussing best practices and standards
  • creating discussion space
  • growing the community of living wisdom in a formal way

Contribute to the website to get this project off the ground, build this community, and support the movement of integrative medicine as a part of modern medicine.

What it is:  at each webinar, one member of the community will talk about a subject he or she is passionate about and will benefit  the community.  This may vary from best practices to recent research reviews to documentation standards.
Current discussion topics in the group include:
  • Documentation standards for hospital practitioners
  • Program solvency
  • Program set up
  • Residencies, fellowship programs, and specialty certifications
  • How to design a research study in integrative medicine, with emphasis on East Asian Medicine
  • Capturing clinical outcomes data
  • Discussing research and best practices
Proposed webinar flow:
30 minute presentation followed by 30 minute discussion, Q&A session
record-able webinar--for anyone who cannot make the proposed time the speaker is available to present that month.

The budget for the webinar series in the campaign covers the cost of hosting the webinar series for 12 months.

Webinar series
$1200 is the estimated cost of hosting a record-able webinar for 12 months.
Check out our YouTube video for more details.

We did not raise enough funds in the spring 2017 to support the Webinar series project.  However, the Webinar Series idea continues to be requested and a potentially useful way to share community wisdom, so it is on the list of "projects-to-be-funded" for 2018-2019.

Contribute to the website to get this project off the ground, build this community, and support the movement of integrative medicine as a part of modern medicine.

Let's grow and support the hospital practice acupuncturist professional community and their hospital sponsors (hospital administrators)!  Contribute to get these projects up and running and be part of this engaged community!

To learn about all of our potential Projects, see our fundraising page on Indiegogo.

Contribute directly to the website if you want as much of your contribution to go directly to Project costs as possible.

Thank you for supporting this work and this community!

Do you want to follow our work?  Just contribute to our fundraiser, subscribe to this blog, and join the contact list on the website.

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