Friday, May 26, 2017

Integrative Medicine Leadership: Lori Knutson's "Leading Simply in a Complex System"

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On the sharing resources and wisdom, today we feature Lori Knutson's webinar lecture "Leading Simply in a Complex System".  Watch this video on your next lunch break.

Lori Knutson, RN, is a well-known experienced leader and researcher in the field of integrative medicine.  She understands the complexity of the U.S. healthcare system.    Lori is core faculty in the Duke Leadership Program in Integrative Healthcare and is the Administrative Director for Integrative Medicine at Meridian Health in New Jersey.

Listen to her March 15th, 2017, talk about how to lead the much-needed change in health care.
"Leading Simply in a Complex System" is her March 15th, 2017, talk about how to lead the much-needed change in our complex health care system.  "There is a way through the maze!"  She introduces "Theory U" and explains the art of being present and how that positively influences your leadership abilities.  Theory U holds that one leads from the future as it emerges.

The health care system is changing and integrative medicine is a key part of healing our system.

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