Tuesday, May 30, 2017

Project: The Hospital Practice Acupuncturist Data Survey Project

Diane Behall and I have begun work on this major project.  This is a pilot project-style collection of data on acupuncturists who work in hospital practice.  This will be the first time this data has been collected.  We have put together a question data bank.

Now we need funding, resources, and support to get to the next steps of working with biometrics and statistician to hone the work to fit research-grade criteria.  To sponsor the project or contribute toward the work, please contact me via our website.

Contribute to the campaign page or website to get this project off the ground, build this community, and support the movement of integrative medicine as a part of modern medicine.

Let's grow and support the hospital practice acupuncturist professional community and their hospital sponsors (hospital administrators)!  Contribute to get these projects up and running and be part of this engaged community!

To learn about all of our 2017 Projects, see our fundraising page on Indiegogo.

On the campaign page, to contribute select "back it" and fill in the amount you choose.
Or, you can choose a "Perk" package.  For a package, some of your contribution goes to paying for the perk items and shipping and the rest goes directly to the Project (minus some processing fees).

Contribute directly to the website if you want as much of your contribution to go directly to Project costs as possible.

Thank you for supporting this work and this community!

Do you want to follow our work?  Just contribute to our fundraiser, subscribe to this blog, and join the contact list on the website.

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