Tuesday, May 2, 2017

Creating Resources to Grow and Connect the Hospital Practice Integrative Medicine Community

The Hospital Handbook Projects of 2017--Creating more Resources to Grow and Connect the Hospital Practice Integrative Medicine Community!

The Hospital Handbook Project is about creating community and connecting that community (hospital practice acupuncturists and their hospital sponsors/hospital administrators) to published resources.

There are barriers to working in medical facilities. The primary barrier has been that we are new to the system. Often each time an Acupuncturist (EAMP) is hired, he or she is the first EAMP in the system, so the problem of "re-inventing the wheel" is common.

Instead of existing in silos, this Project endeavors to create connections, community, and share wisdom.

At the Project, we are creating a set of published resources and connecting hospital practitioners to resources already published, this work is a ladder over the barrier. You still need to get moving to climb it and land on the other side with your sponsor. But this work sets up your program/clinic so it is better poised for success, by learning from the wisdom of others. This is what the Hospital Practice living resource aims to do.

Mission: Create a resource of basic standards and guidelines for hospital practice while creating community of hospital practice Acupuncturists to discuss standards, guidelines, best practices, and share wisdom.

Please contribute to the Hospital Handbook Project today to get these projects off the ground in 2017!  

You can be part of building this community resource by contributing via the website or the campaign page today!

Thank you.

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