Friday, November 23, 2018

November Self-Care Saturdays Inspiration List

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The November Self-Care Roundup

Some inspiration from the Self-Care Saturdays theme over at our public Facebook Page

"In Chinese medicine, we view each season of the year as important in the balance of the others.  Winter balances summer, spring balances fall, yin balances yang.  And just like yin and yang have characteristics and influences that are important to each, so do the seasons have varying impacts on our health and well-being.  Autumn is the metal season in Chinese medicine.  Metal in balance presents as optimism, fresh ideas and new perspectives.  Balanced metal also gives us a sense of our self-worth.  We are equally able to let go of the old unnecessary thoughts or items in our life, and be open to new ideas and thoughts, people, places and things.  When we are out of balance in the metal element, we might view everything pessimistically.  The imbalance might also express itself as an inability to let go of things or people, living always in the past, refusing to move on with or from a project (occasionally presenting as irrational striving for perfection!), or possibly just stubbornness or a weepy depression.
"Consider these helpful tips and recipes for harmonizing with the season..."  Read more here
"It's important to understand that treating your child's cough naturally is not a one-and-done.  Instead, it's about combining the right remedies that will work for your child according to their age and the type of cough they have.....For best results, it's important to combine remedies, use them consistently, and have patience with the process."  

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