Sunday, March 31, 2019

Highlights from the Maple Syrup March Newsletter

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“Often when you’re at the edge of something, you’re at the beginning of something else.” Fred Rogers
Tidbits from the March 2019 newsletter
March:  The Maple Sap is Rising
It is early spring.  The sap is rising; the season for growth and movement.
What are you noticing about the spring energy of growth and movement?  Uncomfortable? Blocked?  Perfect weather?  More than ready to jump into summer after a long winter?

Short Topic Summary for This Newsletter

HH Project News
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  • Looking for sponsor(s) to help cover the cost of video edits for the latest in the “Paths to Practice” interview series. 
    • In the “Paths to Practice” interview series, I interview a colleague about their path into hospital-based practice. 
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March Discussion Topics in the Community
  • Acupuncture for post-surgical pain
  • Knee/joint replacement integrative care models:  The Bree Collaborative’s bundled payment model 
    • On knee/joint replacement care, let's take a step back and look at models of care for the patient's care process from pre-surgery to recovery.  The Bree Collaborative of Washington state finished the total knee replacement bundled payment model standard last year (2018).  This is a one-to-watch for your medical centers. 
    • The Bree Collaborative is a standard-setter in value-based model care with patient-centered outcomes.  It sets standards for WA state health care policy. These models they discuss work best in “centers of healthcare excellence (COHE or COE)” where patients can have access to all services in the bundle in one system and in a timely manner.  From assessment of surgery to surgery to inpatient stay to post-operative care to rehabilitation care.  
    • share-able published articles on this topic: 
Recommended reading this month (book and article recommendations)

National News

More on research this past month--Basics and Bodywork-focused
  • The Massage Therapy Foundation (research) and the NCBTMB (massage therapy and bodywork) have collaborated to create a webinar series on the basics of research in 2019.  The first webinar aired in February 2019, with the episode, "Why Research?"
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Happy early spring!

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