Thursday, June 11, 2020

Pre-Event resource: Why Telehealth? What Could a Patient-Centered, Integrative Health Telehealth Program Look Like? (Video + summary notes)

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The Hospital Practice Handbook Project's Telehealth Roundtable Pre-Event, Part 1: Why Telehealth? and What Could a Patient-Centered, Integrative Health Telehealth Program Look Like?

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Telehealth & Acupuncturists in Hospital-based Practice
Preparing for the HHP-hosted Telehealth Roundtable Event
Part 1: What & Why
video recorded and published June 8th, 2020
presenter: Megan Kingsley Gale, MSAOM, founder of the Hospital Practice Handbook Project

Topics covered in this video
  • Why is telehealth important as part of phased re-opening?
  • What is the potential for telehealth in the integrative health paradigm of patient-centered care?
  • Short examples to explain this idea
  • How to buy a ticket and access the event scheduled for June 20th, 2020
  • The pdf of this presentation will be available in the "recordings access" portion of the Roundtable ticket (Ticket Plus or Recordings Only ticket options).
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video link:

Summary notes with time stamps

minutes 0 - 2

minute 2:13 - 6
  • Why Telehealth?
    • generally
    • during the pandemic
    • benefits for provider personnel
    • benefits for patient

minute 6
  • Why a telehealth online event?
    • Meet the community request to publicly present examples of telehealth programs in hospital-based acupuncture practice
minute 8
  • Defining "Telehealth"
  • with a citation from a peer-reviewed paper published in May 2020 by a Duke University team
    • Jedrek Wosik, Marat Fudim, Blake Cameron, Ziad F Gellad, Alex Cho, Donna Phinney, Simon Curtis, Matthew Roman, Eric G Poon, Jeffrey Ferranti, Jason N Katz, James Tcheng, Telehealth transformation: COVID-19 and the rise of virtual care, Journal of the American Medical Informatics Association 
minute 9

  • Telehealth vs. Direct Patient Care
    • False comparison
  • Clinical vs. No Clinical care is the true comparison
  • Leveraging technology
  • example: the active duty military family communication

minute 11 - 18
The Telehealth Model for Integrative Health
Go to video
  • Telehealth potential for integrative health practitioners
  • One-on-one telehealth options
    • individualized sessions
    • with self-care: acupressure, tuna, movement (tai chi, qi gong), etc
    • prescribe TCM dietary therapy.  examples are given
    • prescribe CHM
  • Group telehealth
    • webinars/group classes
    • examples
Go to presentation video
minute 14:50 - 17:50

  • Set patient-centered goals
  • Create a treatment plan with steps to help the patient meet their defined health goals
  • Use metrics--this is a basic aspect of professional practice
  • Examples

minute 18

  • Questions for the Telehealth Panel?
minute 18:21

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