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The Telehealth Roundtable for Hospital-based Programs Event Recording with Time Stamp Notations

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Recording made public July 11th, 2020, and is available here:

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Time Stamps and Notes from the 6.20.2020 Telehealth Roundtable Event

Revised with the edited event recording
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Time Stamps and Short Notes for the Recording

Introduction (Megan)

0:00 start

Minute 2:10 review of agenda

Minute 3 – 5 Where to find extra content for this event

Minute 4:50 – 8:20
Review of what the Hospital Practice Handbook Project is

Minute 08:30
Why Telehealth?

Minute 09:30 – 1140
Why this Event?
“Do not follow where the path may lead. Go instead where there is no path and leave a trail.” -Ralph Waldo Emerson

Minute 11:20
Defining Telehealth

Minute 12:20 – 14:30
Introduction of Panelists

Paul Magee’s presentation

Start at Minute 14:30

Minute 17:20 – 17:50
Paul mentions the metrics his program is tracking

Minute 22:30 – 23:20
I mention Paul’s other video recorded in May 2020 on the “The Allina Inpatient Telehealth pivot”.

End 24:35

John Burns’ presentation

Starts at 24:45
14 LAcs in the integrative medicine department

Minute 30
Telehealth for oncology patients receiving treatment at the infusion center(s)

Minute 31 -32
John discusses how the acupuncture team collaborated on the development of a training/competency program to deliver “TCM Acupuncturist Directed Therapeutic Strategies”.

Minute 32 -33
Setting up reimbursement for telehealth services by LAcs.
Coding, billing, reimbursement agreement with third party payors (3PP)
Getting LAcs the access to tech for virtual visits and the system’s EHR compatibility

End minute 34:00


Juli Olson’s presentation

Starts at minute 34:15
Currently, there are 71 LAcs in the VHA. Most hired within the last 2 years.

Minute 43:45 – 44:15
Slide example of acupressure visual handouts

Minute 44:20
Slide with lots of links to share with practitioners

End minute 44:50

Galina Roofener’s presentation

Starts at minute 45:00

Minute 51:43
Basic review of SOAP documentation in telehealth TCM visit

Minute 52:15 – 53:45
Obtaining and recording objective measures for a telehealth visit
Tongue photo
Pulse rate and echocardiogram (EKG)

Minute 54:00 – 56:30
CHM and telehealth at a medical center

End at minute 57:35

Mori West’s presentation

Starts at minute 57:40

minute 60
Telehealth virtual codes 99421 – 423 are time-based codes
Phone codes 99441-443 are time-based codes
Time is cumulative in a 7-day period

64:30 – 66 min
E/M codes for telehealth 99201, 99212, etc.

66-67 minutes

End at 70 minutes

Nancy Gahles’s presentation

Starts at 70 minutes

minute 73
Public health initiatives and telehealth
Telehealth, a tool for public health

Minute 75
Over the counter (OTC)

77 minutes
Grants are available for implementing telehealth

78 minutes
Language in federal law—IHPC is working on this

79 – 81 minutes
ICE/NCCA accreditation of national certification. Why/reasons for this standard from a federal perspective
Example: NCCAOM is an LAc’s national certification exam. NCCAOM has the NCCA/ICE accreditation

81 minutes
CMS info and May 1st date

84 minutes
FQHCs mentioned
The IHPC caucus…

End at 84 minutes, 30 seconds

Panel Discussion

Starts at 84 minutes, 40 seconds

Questions for Nancy Gahles
Socratic discussion amongst panelists
Interim rules, working with the national association (ASA)
The Act of Congress
Bundled payment for opioid treatment plans
ASA Town Halls—6/24/2020 session on Medicare Megan mentioned.

minute 90—Question on % workload in telehealth
Paul, John, Juli, Galina

Minute 94 (aka 1 hour, 34 minutes)
—Question on
1.       Sustainability of the telehealth program…
a.       What is the patient buy-in of your telehealth program?
b.       How do you know it is sustainable?
c.       What metrics are you tracking?
Paul, John, Juli, Galina

Minute 103 (aka 1 hour, 43 minutes)
Telemetry, Telehealth, & LAcs
Galina is uploading EKG (echocardiogram)
               Visual of heart rate, pulse quality
               one lead EKG…Apple watch, Cardio Life electrodes
Juli, John, Paul
               LAcs can see the data uploaded in the EHR by in-person tech or at-home blood pressure cuff and readings.

Minute 107
Coding and Billing Questions from other Panelists for Mori
John, Juli, Galina

Minute 114 (aka 1 hour, 54 minutes)
Issues and Solutions, more
1.       What was your biggest issue?
a.       Did you overcome it?
b.       If yes, how?
c.       Any other outstanding issues?
2.       Last note/lesson you want to end on.

Paul, John, Juli, Galina, Mori.

Ended at 128 minutes, 49 seconds (aka 2 hours, 8 minutes, 49 seconds)

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