Sunday, June 4, 2017

Nine Days Left!

Nine Days Left in the Fundraiser
Contribute and be part of building this important resource today!

If you are reading this after our fundraiser has ended, you can contribute at any amount via our website.  The "perks" packages are only available while the fundraiser is live.

Love Coffee or Chocolate to Go with Your Philanthropy?
Only 9 Days Left to Claim your one of the Organic Chocolate, Fair Trade Coffee, or YETI mug perks in the fundraiser.

Interested in the Integrative Medicine movement into Mainstream Medicine?
Check out the "Friend of Integrative Medicine" fundraiser perk.  It has a key group of resources that explain the philanthropic work behind creating an escape fire for our U.S. healthcare system.

Interested in a package to support your wellness learning library?  Check out the following:
Learning about Mindfulness--the fundraiser has a couple options
Wellness for Kids and Parents--two options in fundraiser
Nutrition for Health for the Family
Reflective Readings to Inspire Your Day

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