Wednesday, September 4, 2019

Survey: What Does Success Look Like in an Integrative Oncology Program?

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Community Survey this Month: 

For those of you working in oncology/cancer care or a large % of your patient care is oncology/cancer care, this community survey is for you!

Please share the survey link with colleagues who can add their wisdom.

Survey Link

Suspense Date: respond by Oct. 1st, 2019

Goal: Learn about the current standards and metrics for integrative oncology programs focus on the work of licensed acupuncturists

How will this info be used?
  1. Continue the discussion in the community about the following topics: using metrics in clinical care, finding relevant metrics for your work, how integrative oncology programs are being set up, maintained, and grown
  2. When enough information gathered, will create a summary document(s) available to the discussion community and a public blog post summary via the blog 
  3. Follow up interview potential about specific programs for those interested in participating, part of the "issues in hospital practice" community webinar/interview series. For more about this special Project series, go here.  

Why this survey
  • Integrative oncology programs have been growing quickly in the last 5 years. I usually field questions to those practitioners in the community who are working in oncology, but the rate of queries coming in have increased in rate and complexity. To the point, I feel it would help us and the people-with-questions if I wrote up a summary of the community wisdom to share both in the discussion groups and in a blog post. 
  • I still feel it is necessary to connect people entering these programs or, especially, those creating/standing up these programs to connect to potential mentors in the community. This does not substitute the person-connection/mentor-relationship building. It will, I hope, provide a softer landing spot for those who are in the “waiting place” to connect with their very busy mentors. Softer landing spot = basic background on the subject, resources to read and review, etc.

So, without further ado! Would you fill out this survey to share your wisdom before October 1st?
Thank you. 🏥🦋🙂☕️

If you are a student or practitioner in the field and are interested in connecting to mentors or programs,
  1. First, check out our Hospital-based Practice Learning Opportunities Directory.
  2. Then, if the options in the directory don't fit your needs, you can contact me via the website with your query. 

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