Thursday, September 19, 2019

The Massage Therapy Foundation's Research Webinar Series 2019

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Research Thursday Spotlight: The Massage Therapy Foundation Research Webinar Series in 2019
The Massage Therapy Foundation (research) and the NCBTMB (national massage therapy and bodywork association) have collaborated to create a webinar series on the basics of research in 2019. The first webinar aired in February 2019 with the episode, "Why Research?"

Go to their landing page to learn more about this Research Webinar Series.

There will be 3 parts to the series in 2019

  1. Part 1 was "Why Research?" (Feb 2019)
  2. Part 2 was "What is Research?" (July 2019)
  3. Part 3 will be "How to Find Quality Resources" (to be sometime in fall 2019)

The Massage Therapy Foundation is offering continuing education credit for watching these seminars. To take the quiz and get the credit, go to their website.

Part 1: "Why Research?" February 2019

Part 2: "What is Research?" July 2019

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