Thursday, September 5, 2019

Research Literacy Basics: Practical Applications for the Hospital-Based Practitioner

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Review of Research Basics and the Practical Applications (at your job) as a Healthcare Clinician

A Resource Page for the Acupuncturist in Hospital-Based Practice 

Also useful information for any acupuncturist interested in presenting their professional work at a conference, in a peer-reviewed journal, or to other healthcare providers working in a healthcare system

Interested in research or in submitting your hard work to a peer reviewed journal but haven't been successful yet or not sure where to start?

  • Here are some resources for reviewing some important research literacy basics in the field of integrative health and especially in the field of acupuncture and east Asian medicine
  • You can find more resources by following these keywords or tags in the blog: research literacy and metrics

Are you looking to connect with a mentor to guide you through becoming a clinician-researcher? 

Reviewing the Basics

    What is Well-Designed Research?
    On Writing a Scientific Paper
    Posters and Poster Presentations
    For more on the topic of research

    Other monthly research summary blogposts
    Research Review posts
    Related Subjects
    • Grand Rounds
    • Project ECHO of the University of New Mexico, a unique tele-health/tele-seminar wisdom-share program for hospital-based practitioners in specialty care (IPMCs, any specialty on the ECHO lineup) and rural primary care health centers
    • Shadowing Physicians
    Research Resource Websites & Journals

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