Thursday, September 5, 2019

Leadership and Workplace Mondays: August

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Inspiration for Employees and their Leaders 

Review of the "Leadership and Workplace Mondays" theme from the public HHP Facebook Page

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6 Project Management Tips: Useful for the Doctoral Student
Also useful for anyone working on a project, whether a research paper or setting up a program 

For those of you working on your Ph.D. or other doctorates, 6 project management tips from the journal Nature: International Journal of Science, "Six Project Management Tips for your Ph.D." 
  1. Define a timeline
  2. Prepare for hiccups
  3. Define your project scope
  4. Add value vs. fluff—focus
  5. Define metrics of success—what does success look like and how will you measure it?
  6. Make progress by failing early
There are more articles in this series on the Nature website:

The National Academy of Medicine Makes the Case for the Chief Wellness Officer

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